Why You Should Buy Home Warranties

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Your home is likely one of the biggest investments you’ve ever made. With this in mind, it’s understandable that you want to protect your home from the unexpected. Though you’ll hear many different opinions on home warranties, there are some extremely reasonable reasons to opt for one. If you’re trying to decide if you should buy a home warranty, keep reading to explore why all homeowners should buy a home warranty to protect their most valuable asset.

Warranty Coverage


Just like other warranties, a home warranty covers specific charges that come with owning a home. These charges include but are not limited to appliance maintenance, appliance repairs, proper care from technicians, and replacement parts. Depending on the coverage option that you select, you’ll pay variable rates. For more extensive coverage, you will likely pay more than less comprehensive coverage.

If you’re still wondering how home warranties work, think of a manufacturer’s warranty. These are built-in options that you usually purchase for a specific appliance unit. For example, if you purchase a Samsung refrigerator, you can opt for a Samsung driven warranty. However, home warranties are different because they cover all appliances as they experience common wear and tear. If this appliance, preventive maintenance, or replacement is covered under your home warranty plan, it’ll be fixed for no additional cost to you.

Important Maintenance


Even if you opt for a home warranty system, your home still needs proper maintenance. Just because you have this plan as a safeguard for the unexpected, it doesn’t mean that you get to neglect the regular maintenance that needs to take place to keep your appliances running and lasting longer.

For example, AC maintenance contributes to a longer operating life. By consulting professionals to perform regular maintenance on your HVAC system like an air conditioner, you’re contributing to an ac system that works more efficiently longer. During the winter months, you should also consult HVAC technicians to check your furnace unit. If you stay on top of your home’s maintenance, especially with sometimes costly expenses like an HVAC system repair, you prevent any damages before they happen that may not be covered by your home warranty.

Peace of Mind


Arguably the most beneficial part of a home warranty, besides the financial security, is that you get peace of mind as a homeowner. This peace of mind allows you to make decisions for yourself that don’t require constant worry about your home. If you opt for a home warranty, you can rest assured knowing any emergency repairs you may face will get taken care of without breaking the bank.

Maybe this capability to relax about the state of your home is the push you need to relax, leave home, and take a vacation this winter with your dog. Instead of worrying about your furnace and HVAC system, get out of the cold weather, and enjoy a getaway with your furry best friend. Embark on a vacation to a dog-friendly beach so that you and your pup will get the much-needed vacation time that you both deserve or head to a ski resort where you can hike the trails nearby.

If you plan to bring your pup on this trip, it’s a great way to have a built-in companion the entire time. Just make sure that you understand the specific pet policies for your vacation stay or rental, so you don’t face any extra fees for non-compliance. While you’re on vacation, you and your pup will be able to take in the scenery, let go of worry, and be present because you’ll know that your home is covered with a warranty that puts you in good hands.


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