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You’ve finally made it to the next level of real estate.

Von Bondies is a real estate publication for your personal and professional goals. We are dedicated to bringing our readers the most latest and most influential home, business, style, and investments inspiration. Our team is on a mission to improve and enhance the lives of our community by offering tips, guides, and information that can take you to the next level of your real estate plans. Through an unyielding commitment to quality content and integrity, we enable our readers to turn key investment, renovation, and decor strategies into realities.

It’s time to level up your real estate presence and revamp the way your home and business show up — for your family, business, AND yourself.

About Us
About Von
Meet Von

Founder / Real Estate Advisor

Yvonne “Von” Bondie is a well-respected industry innovator and early adopter of blogs, social media, and digital marketing for the real estate sector. This led her to the booming tech and real estate market of Austin, Texas, where VonBondies.com was founded, and is now based.

As a trusted real estate advisor, Von understands that selling, buying, and even maintaining or decorating a home is complex and deeply personal. We specialize in creating high-impact content and custom articles for individuals and companies making big real estate moves. 

The VonBondies team works hard to keep ahead of the curve, combining home styling, renovations, investing, and home maintenance. After all, your home and business are important, so you need a site and experts that truly represents who you are.

Meet the Bondies

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Dedicated Experts

Dedicated Experts

Our team is made up of passionate and motivated experts in the real estate industry. We focus on inspiration and integrity, and we are driven by the concept of pushing the envelope on how real estate investing and strategizing can influence our readers and their businesses.

Innovative Content

All of our content is backed by the best experts in the field. We are highly trained and committed to helping you reach your personal and professional lives through our guides, tips, and posts. Our goal is to provide resources that stand the test of time.

Innovative Content
Collaborative Staff

Collaborative Staff

Our writers and experts surround themselves with inspiration from each other. Our team of dedicated experts, professionals, and journalists who are here to work together to guide you on your path to creating a healthy home, business, and bank account.

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