Why It’s Important to Make Your Home Green

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With the threat of climate change ever-looming and growing more serious by the day, it could not be a more important time to consider going green. You may be thinking you’re only one person, how much of an impact can you really make? The truth is, you have a lot of power to make a real difference by investing in solutions to make your home more green and sustainable over time. An eco-friendly home will make you healthier and more aware, it will increase your home’s value and durability, and help in the goal of all humanity to help make our planet a little bit better.

There are plenty of different ways for you to go green at home. But perhaps the most important thing is to know, appreciate, and understand why you are doing so. Switching to renewable energy, going vegetarian, or even taking shorter showers are all great solutions, but they’re more meaningful when you understand why you’re making those lifestyle changes. There are so many reasons to go green. Your biggest motivation should be that it will make your home and family happier and healthier overall. Besides, you’re also helping the world stay around for a long time to come. Here is a breakdown of just a few of the basic reasons why going green may be the best, most important thing you could ever do with your home.

Increase your home’s value.

As a homeowner, you’re constantly making decisions to increase the value of your property. Going green is a great way to make your home worth more over time. Even though it may require some additional money and housework up front, investing in renewable energy and going green will help you turn a profit down the line. Consider companies like Loanpal that aid families with mortgages and solar loans to help you with your home improvement project as you trend toward green energy. As the solar market continues expanding, this may be the best way to get in on the ground floor by taking out a solar loan to add this power source to your own home. Then, when you turn around to sell your home down the line, the work has already been put in. When you invest that quality time now, your value only increases as the years go on.

You’ll stay healthier.

Going green can actually make you healthier. This element goes beyond just improving your energy sources. A fully eco-friendly lifestyle means a better, more natural diet without harmful preservatives. It can also lead to clean water, better food, and healthier air in your home. Overall, cutting out harmful chemicals will lead to better things for your body and life.

Not only will your physical health benefit from going green, but your mental health can as well. Having a cause and feeling motivated can give you a rejuvenated purpose. Also, filling your home with indoor plants can be a great way to energize your space and spruce up your life. If hanging plants will make you happier, bring on those succulents, spider plants, and English ivy. Certain plants can help you breathe cleaner and solve your bad moods. Let indoor plants play an active role in bringing more joy to your life.

Save money on energy bills.

By relying on renewable energy sources rather than the traditional means, you will actually be lowering your costs. So in the long run, going green can save you tremendously on your energy bills. Whether you make small, energy-efficient changes or a big overhaul, the savings will really add up. Not only does this apply to your energy costs, but your water usage as well. Water-saving plumbing and kitchen appliances will lower the number of gallons of water you use regularly. So with just a few simple changes, you can be saving money in all different areas.

Breathe cleaner air.

The air you breathe quite literally keeps you alive, so don’t you want it to be the best quality possible? Green homes filter your air and create an environment clean of toxins that pre-owned homes may have. Get rid of that negative stuff in the air and guarantee that you’re filling your lungs with clean, breathable air.

Enjoy more durability and less maintenance.

While traditional energy and home systems have the potential to break down and falter overtime, a green home will remain durable. As the years go on, your eco-friendly home will require less maintenance than the other houses on your block. This is a point of relevance because it will also help make sure you’re saving money overall. A recent study has shown that recycled products often last longer and are more durable to weather and other external factors than new items. Green homes are also more open, flexible, and durable to your changing lifestyles. With open floor-plans and energy-efficient systems, your home will adapt as you do for decades. Don’t invest in a home that won’t last or fill your needs, instead choose a green home that will remain durable and sturdy for longer.

Increase awareness for your family.

Going green at home is a great way to promote a green lifestyle overall. When you start thinking about the waste you’re putting into the world, you become more aware. That awareness helps motivate other lifestyle changes that can help multiple areas of your life. Maybe you start bringing reusable water bottles to work instead of plastic. Or maybe you start carpooling places or walking more to lower carbon emissions. Or maybe you start buying local, organic food that can help your local community. Engaging with an eco-friendly lifestyle is truly a ripple effect. Once you take steps at home, your family becomes more empathetic, men can learn to be a better husband, and moms get more creative at home. It’s an overall benefit to the whole family and your community at large.

Provide for the future.

Investing in a durable home now means your home will be a great place to grow up in and provide a secure future. First of all, you can become more self-sufficient as time goes on. With solar panels installed, you’re creating a home that will create its own energy down the line. By creating a cleaner environment, you’re keeping your family healthy for their future. And overall, by taking steps to stay green now, you’re securing a planet your future children can continue to enjoy.

Overall, you’re helping save the planet.

For years, you’ve been hearing activists talk about the dangerous effects of global warming and the need for drastic steps to combat climate change. Even with small changes at home, you’re working toward that common goal of saving the planet with the rest of the world. You’re doing your part to lower carbon emissions in your own home, eat cleaner, use renewable energy, and have a better attitude towards our planet.

Oftentimes, the best way to lead is to lead by example. Helping create a more green, energy-efficient home is the first step to saving the world. While one person can’t change the whole world, you can still make a difference. Show solidarity and have peace of mind that you’re doing what you can and working hard to make the world you live in a brighter, healthier, happier place.


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