What Home Protection Plans Cover and How to Use Them

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Worried about costs that can come with homeownership? Maintenance plans that cover heating, cooling, and other large systems could be just the right answer in eliminating those concerns. Learning what these plans do and don’t cover as well, as options for coverage for heating and cooling systems, will be important when budgeting for your home.

HVAC Plan Coverage


Finding the right home coverage plan and determining what it includes doesn’t need to be difficult. Doing your homework will go a long way in ensuring you’re protected from unanticipated HVAC system repair costs and more. HVAC maintenance plans for residential and commercial systems are not the same as basic home coverage protections. Knowing which home coverage plans include maintenance plans as options could be imperative in preventing hefty expenses if surprise repairs are needed. That is, don’t make the mistake of assuming these systems are included in standard coverage. You may need to look twice to be sure you’re protected.

Similar to the way you would look up your blind date on social media beforehand, it’s important to do your upfront research when it comes to purchasing a home protection plan. HVAC plans for residential and commercial systems alike are important to prevent hefty expenses. Here are some tips and tricks for finding a home protection plan that works for you and how to use it.

Finding a Plan


The best way to find a home protection plan that will work for you is to compare basic plan protections and options. Ask questions about what is and isn’t covered. Honest companies will be happy to spell this out for you. While some plans only cover major home heating and cooling systems, others will go so far as to offer additional protection in the event of the roof, appliance, or even cosmetic damages in your home. When cost comparing and shopping for a plan, look into whether or not well and septic issues are covered as this is not always the case in home protection plans.

Make sure you purchase your plan through a licensed, accredited professional in your state or place of residence. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider asking your friends, family members, real estate agents and brokers, and neighbors for their recommendations on legitimate companies with homeowner protection plans.

Maximizing a Plan

If you choose a plan with additional expenses for optional protections and features, make sure you remember to use them. Too many times, homeowners opt for a more expensive plan with perks but never take advantage of things like regular and routine maintenance schedules and services offered to them. If you pick a plan with additional HVAC maintenance opportunities, for example, be sure to use it to keep that furnace in tip-top shape. Ongoing maintenance and changing dirty filters along the way may mean you won’t run into bigger issues when your plan runs out down the road.

Getting Your Money’s Worth


The best way to know if you’re getting your money’s worth is to compare the services offered in your plan to others. Look at the yearly rates of your plan, and compare them to at least three others to be certain. Similar to how you would want multiple bids for repair work, you’ll want to compare plans and what they offer for coverage on potential problems before signing on the dotted line. These plans are often only a year-long, so shopping around between renewal periods may save you some money too.

Peace of Mind and Usage

While there’s no doubt that researching the best home protection plan for you will take time and effort, the peace of mind you’ll find when you know your home is covered in ways that work for you will make it worth it. Best of all, these plans are easy to use in that all you have to do is call the company who covers you for help on any covered repair issue or concern. They’ll help you navigate that process and take the guesswork out of what otherwise might be a stressful situation for you.

Real-life gets tricky, but it will be easier to deal with unexpected home repairs and emergencies if you have a plan to back you up. Whether for preventative maintenance, or simply to cover big-ticket items like home heating and cooling systems, the right plan will save you bundles going forward if you maximize it to its full potential. As a great way to build confidence in your life as a homeowner, home protection plans will work for you if you put the work in ahead of time.


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