Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

Increasing Your Home's Value

Even if you aren’t planning on a sale in the near future, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the value of your property. You can add equity to your home through larger projects like an addition or a complete kitchen remodel, or you can focus on small projects like landscape design and repainting. A simple update to your flooring or a different paint color on the wall can make a big difference. No matter what you do, you’ll need to monitor your budget if you want to ensure that you don’t lose money on your upgrades. Whether or not you’re considering selling, keep reading for some simple tips on increasing your home’s value.

Which improvements will increase your home’s value?

Exterior improvements are a great bet for homeowners looking to increase their home’s equity. Landscaping in particular holds its value well, but any outdoor projects have the added benefit of boosting your home’s curb appeal. If your windows are older or in disrepair, installing new windows can be worthwhile. You should also enlist roofing help if your roof isn’t in good condition.


Many homeowners opt for a bathroom or kitchen remodel. If you take on a remodel project in the kitchen or the bathroom, make sure you set a firm budget. A targeted, small-scale remodeling is more likely to have a positive return on investment than a complete remodel. Countertops, cabinetry, faucets, and new flooring can alter the look and feel of a space without requiring that you tear up the entire room.

When looking for professional help, look for a contractor like this one that specializes in home remodeling in Minneapolis. This Minneapolis business can be a one-stop-shop for handling everything from your countertops to your siding, which can save you money. Look for companies with years of experience delivering excellent craftsmanship in a timely manner. Customer reviews can be a good indicator of whether or not you can expect a high-quality end result and what type of customer service experience they provide.

What types of home maintenance should you prioritize?

Getting the best price for your house requires more than just a home remodel. You need your property to be in excellent condition, and the only way to do that is to be proactive about home maintenance. Windows and doors are particularly important, since cracks and crevices can let in outdoor air, contamination, and even pests.


Keeping your HVAC in good working order is also essential. Not only will buyers want a property with a modern and functional heating and air conditioning system, the effects of a broken or malfunctioning HVAC system can have a negative impact on your health and contaminate your home. If your HVAC isn’t operating efficiently, you may notice an increase in the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your home.

VOCs can be found in many common household products, as well as in other products often used for construction and cleaning. Regular household activity will produce volatiles, but activities like paint stripping can raise VOC levels significantly and make it even more important for you to take steps to manage the quality of your indoor air.

You don’t need to take on a massive build project to improve your home. An addition, bathroom remodel, dining room remodel, or custom kitchen may be worthwhile, but you can benefit from more moderate changes, too. Finding quality contractors who will do a great job can take time, so start looking well before you want to start construction. Ask around about local businesses in your area if you’re having trouble finding professional help for your remodel. If you’re happy with the finished product, you’ll have somewhere to go for future projects. It’s invaluable to have expert advice while going through the entire process, from planning to unveiling the excellent work that was done on your custom home.


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