How To Navigate a Successful Construction Project

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Beginning a new construction project, specifically a residential home, is an exciting experience. However, there are important steps along the way, and every one of them is important. But whether you’re building a new home or a renovation, your new construction work has some universal tasks that always apply. Here, we will look at some of the most common and important details from your builder’s checklist.

Give me land, lots of land.

If your new construction project isn’t a renovation, but rather a new home, it’s a good idea to make your initial task finding the piece of land, or the “raw land,” on which you will be building. Each step of the way, you’ll want to employ the help of professionals, and here, you should consult a real estate agent in scouting a good spot. Aside from showing you how to buy land and build a house, a seasoned expert can even assist in helping with a needed real estate land loan, from the down payment to the interest rates, and can give financial guidance along the way.

Build your plan (and your team).


Having secured the land, even first-time homeowners and builders will now assemble the construction project’s design team, usually comprised of an architect and interior designer. Depending on the firm you choose, your budget will have to match the costs of the project. Luckily, there are financing options, such as a raw land loan, with various interest rates for a property owner’s new land purchase.

The plans, now called “schematic designs,” will offer you the basic layout and floor plan for the new home. During this process, such decisions such as kitchen design, bathroom motifs and needs, and other elements are discussed between you and the prospective homeowner. Of crucial importance is the plumbing planning, which ties into those two rooms, and plumbing services are among the first elements checked during a visit from an inspector. It is important to remember that plumbing services are vital for new construction projects, as well as the selection of your contractors, electricians, and other professional technicians. All of these elements play a part in the installation of a home’s HVAC system and will dictate much of the layout for the rest of the structure’s plans.

Interviewing Contractors

Your ideal contractors will have years of experience with multiple construction projects. They are usually brought into the process during the planning stage and, as part of your interview process, you can ask their budgetary estimates based on the schematic designs. Figure you’re going to need a few weeks to a month to have all your designers, engineers, electricians, AC technicians, and other experts in place, and be sure to always choose the best available professionals with proper references who can vouch for their reliability. This is particularly important with the general contractor you will retain, as they will oversee the rest of your crew.

Getting the Necessary Permits


Depending upon the size of your construction project and the unique zoning laws, getting the necessary permits can take anywhere between a single day and many months. If you want those necessary permits completed in a timely manner, you’ll want to apply as early as possible and take the paperwork seriously. In addition, the permit fees can also range from only a few hundred dollars to thousands, all of which must be factored into your total budget.

Remember the homeowner.

As your plan falls into place, remember that all your hard work will result in someone’s dream home. The last thing you want is last minute emergencies to cause setbacks, so each element of the planning process is important. Keep your homeowner in the loop and present the ongoing progress, allowing them to help in making each informed decision of your handiwork.


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