5 Things You Should Not Put Off Getting Fixed in Your Home

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Homeownership is absolutely a joy and privilege, but it doesn’t mean it’s always a walk in the park. Even after you initially buy your home, the upkeep can be expensive depending on the needs of your home. Accidents happen and if you’re a new homeowner, there may be something that was missed in your home inspection.

Some changes that need to be made are small, and can therefore be put off until you’ve saved up the money to address them. Other issues need your immediate attention. It might be tempting to turn a blind eye in order to save money at the moment, but if you avoid it too long, it could cost you a lot more in the long run. Here are five fixes in your home you should never put off.

1. Plumbing Problems

If you’ve noticed that there’s something less than ideal going on with your plumbing, call in a professional right away, because plumbing problems are best dealt with immediately. A small leak can severely damage the structure of your home in a short amount of time. If moisture finds the support beams in your house, it can cause water damage and grow mold that’s unhealthy for you and your family. You also rely more on your plumbing than you might think and will quickly find plumbing issues an inconvenience in your daily life. No one likes to take a shower with low water pressure or listen to a running toilet all night.

If your home springs a leak in the middle of the night, there are plumbers that offer their services day and night for plumbing emergencies. Take them up on that perk and bring them in as soon as they can get to your home. Plumbing is complicated and can lead to serious problems. A leak or drip that appears insignificant can end up being an issue with the whole system; so don’t try to tackle it on your own. Even Mr. Fix-It sometimes needs an outside eye.

2. Old Flooring

Your kitchen is most likely a highly trafficked area. It’s also usually where the biggest messes are made — intentionally, by your kids, or unintentionally, by yourself. Your kitchen floors go through a lot, which is why you shouldn’t hold off on replacing them. Think about the years of pasta sauce that are caked on in ways you can’t even begin to remove. Some floor types are better suited for this which is why you should install laminate floors.

Water spills are common in this area. If that moisture gets absorbed into your flooring, you could have a much bigger issue on your hands than just the aesthetics. With a vapor barrier and a laminate floor, you’ll never have to worry about big spills again. This upgrade to your kitchen also won’t break the bank and will give you more control over the design element. You can even get the look of a hardwood floor without the downfalls of real hardwood.

3. Gas Stoves

If your house is old fashioned and has a gas stove, or you just prefer to cook on gas, it’s important that you get it looked at if it goes on the fritz. A gas leak can be very dangerous if left unchecked. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector in your home in case you don’t detect an issue since gas from a stove is poisonous. Always use your stove and oven correctly and keep all air vent holes clean.

4. Roofing

If a storm takes out some of your shingles or may have damaged part of your roofing, call a roofer to assess and fix the damage. Structural damage is the most costly issue in any home, and a leaking roof can be a major contributor. Get your roof checked annually. That way, if a storm does cause damage, you may be able to have your insurance cover the issue. If you don’t have your roof checked regularly, your insurance company could say it was a pre-existing issue and refuse to aid you.

5. Security Systems

Even the best security systems sometimes need maintenance. If your security system has been giving false alarms, you should have it checked out immediately. Otherwise, you might end up with an unnecessary visit from the police department if they’re automatically called when the system is tripped. You’ll feel safer and the police won’t be frustrated by a false alarm.


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