5 Things You Can Enjoy From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Comfort of Your Own Home

If you’re used to spending time at restaurants, nail salons, and hanging out in bars with your friends, spending all this time indoors thanks to the pandemic must be a challenge for you. Even if you’re an introvert, spending all your time in one space can begin to drive you a little stir-crazy. Once your refuge from the outside world, your home can become a stifling environment if all you do within it are chores and Zoom meetings for work.

Did you know that people in the United States spend much more time socializing in the winter months, especially in December? With that in mind, this may be the first time you have to suffer through the holidays indoors instead of shopping, socializing, and rushing from one holiday party to another. Still, your home doesn’t have to become a dull, tedious space that ends up driving you insane.

You can enjoy a range of activities, organize your space to comfort and entertain you, and make your home a sanctuary for daily tasks as well as fun pastimes, recreational activities, and pampering experiences. It’s essential to get some fresh air of course, but it’s equally important to make sure you can enjoy a range of activities indoors as well.

Consider looking for more than cozy nights spent in front of the television with a mountain of snacks. You can fit in all the activities you once had to look for outdoors. Whether it’s enjoying a gourmet meal with a loved one, getting your nails done, or relaxing in a jet spa tub, you can do it all from the comfort of your home. If you’re still not convinced about this, take a look at some of these ideas to help push you in the right direction.

1. Relaxing Hemp Products


It’s been a stressful year for many, but remember that living with too much stress can make you unwell. So, it’s essential to find ways to relax while you’re stuck indoors. A great way to do this is to sample some relaxing CBD products. If you aren’t already familiar with CBD’s potential benefits, one of them is that it may help you relax and de-stress.

From edibles and oils to tinctures and hemp cigarettes CBD products come in a range of options. The products made with the hemp flower—part of the cannabis plant— produce several CBD products. You can buy topical hemp products like balms and lotions or ingestible ones like oils and edibles. These hemp products also contain a lower THC level and may help alleviate discomfort caused by chronic pain, anxiety, and other issues without leaving you with a high sensation.

Reputable brands like Try Plain Jane use wild hemp and CBD flower options. In addition to their relaxing properties, they also come in different flavors. So, you can pick a flavor you enjoy from a range of relaxing options. If you’re a smoker, hemp cigarettes are an excellent way to relax at the end of a busy day.

Always consult a health professional or your doctor before purchasing or consuming any of these products so that you’re aware of the possible side effects.

2. A Designer Manicure

You may not be able to visit a salon for a while to come, but that doesn’t mean your usually perfect nails have to suffer. Several services offer at-home manicures, but these can be risky too. If you want to stay safe and still enjoy a fantastic manicure or some enviable nail art, consider doing your own nails at home.

Of course, not everyone can mimic the work of skilled technicians from a nail salon at home. While these are several tips and tricks that can help, you may not have the time or the patience to do so. Even if you do manage, you may have to deal with chips and smudges too soon after for it to be worth it.

Gel nail paint is another option, but you need an LED or UV-light machine, gel colors, and lots of free time. Instead of waiting for your nail salon to open, consider stick on nails instead. Unlike fake nails—which don’t sit right and aren’t customized to fit your cuticles—these give you a DIY manicure in a matter of minutes. They’re a breeze to apply, available at an affordable price, and you can get them personalized to fit your nails. Get some in a variety of options and nail art designs just in time for the holidays!

3. A Patio Screen


Even before the coronavirus pandemic confined us all to our homes, most people in the United States were spending too much time indoors. Since being indoors all the time can affect your natural sleep cycles and leave you feeling more tired than usual, it’s always a good idea to get some fresh air.

If you’re lucky to be a homeowner with an outdoor living space and you don’t already have a retractable screen, it’s time to consider getting one. Easy to install, durable, and eternally beneficial, these screens help with everything from insect protection to privacy. If you already have enough privacy and want to enjoy your porch without insect bites, get retractable screens in clear vinyl, or pick mesh types.

Retractable door screens can help block the harsh glare of the sun when you need to and are easy to roll up when you want to enjoy some fresh air and daylight. If you don’t have a large outdoor living space, a window screen is a great way to get some daylight without worrying about insects.

4. A Gourmet Meal

Did you know that people in the United States spend a significant amount of their budget on eating out? If coronavirus restrictions have left you missing your gourmet dining experiences, a gourmet meal is just what you need. Gourmet meal delivery services are a great alternative to dining out this year. You can get the same fantastic service and delectable food you would get at a restaurant, but at a more affordable price. And, amid a pandemic, it’s also a much safer option for your family.

Several online retailers have coupons, monthly memberships, and are a great way to enjoy all the good stuff you would at a fine dining restaurant. Some even have free shipping and the option to adjust flavors in individual dishes to suit your palate better. Consider treating yourself to one fancy meal or several with a subscription.

5. A Jet Bath Spaimg

Do you miss spa days and jacuzzi tub vacations just as much as you miss salon treatments and massage therapies? If so, you should invest in some hot tub and jacuzzi attachments for your bathtub at home. You may not be able to visit an actual jacuzzi for a while to come, but you shouldn’t miss out on the experience altogether.

With a jet bath spa attachment, you can add relaxing jacuzzi-style bubbles to your daily bath experience. Most jet spa attachments are small and portable, so all you have to do is attach them to the side of your tub. Now all you need are some soothing spa scrubs, lotions, and moisturizers, and you’ll have a luxurious experience without having to leave your home.


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