5 Home Improvement Projects to Do Before Winter Hits

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For most people, the biggest investment they’ll ever make will be the home in which they live. Taking care of your investment is of the utmost importance whether you plan to live there for life or put it on the market someday. The last thing you want is for your house to lose value over the years because it’s in a state of disrepair.

Renovating your home is about much more than beautifying the place–it’s also about making sure your house is fully functional and in excellent condition to withstand the elements. Read more to learn what home improvement projects you should complete before winter starts.

The Roof

Outside of the foundation, the roof is probably the most important part of your home–after all, having a house is about having a roof over your head. No matter how durable your roof is, as it takes a pounding from the elements over the years, you will eventually need to repair or replace it. Experts say that you should replace your roof every 15 to 20 years.

If your roof is in its twilight, then a roof replacement should be high on your list of priorities. It’s best to take care of your roofing renovations during the summer before the autumn winds start to blow.

Though roofing is expensive, it’s still best to entrust your roof replacement to roofing contractors like Master’s Home Solution. They have years of experience doing the kind of roof repair Allentown PA residents need for their homes to weather the harsh winters.


One of the great things about vinyl siding is that it’s less expensive than wood or brick and pretty weather resistant. However, siding needs to be cleaned pretty regularly and can even rip apart or fall off your house from wear and tear.

The best way to clean vinyl siding is to power wash it, and you should do this every two years. Even though power washing isn’t difficult to do, it’s still best to leave that task to a professional. Because vinyl siding isn’t as durable nor is it fixed to your home the way wood or brick would be, it can be damaged by high water pressure. A professional power washer knows how much pressure to apply to remove dirt and grime without causing damage.

In addition to maintaining your siding by regularly cleaning it, you should replace it every 10 to 20 years. Like roofing, your exterior home repairs should be handled by pros who know.


Your home’s windows provide security, protection from the elements, and natural light–really, could you imagine your home without them? Winterizing your home is best done during the summer months, and it’s the perfect time to replace your windows.

If your windowsills are warped or your windows cracked, then your home could be leaking heat during the summer months and air through the winter. In addition, if there’s a draft coming through your window, then your HVAC system is working overtime to keep your home comfortable. You should replace your windows every 15 years to make sure they’re strong and up to date. You’ll be amazed by what new windows can do for your electric bill.


Your front porch takes quite a pounding from people entering and exiting your home. The moment you begin to see damage on your porch or any of the steps, you need to start looking for porch repair services. Repairing your porch will not only beautify your home’s exterior, but it will also make it safer for your children and the rest of your family to enjoy.


If you find that it’s hard to keep your house cool during the summer and warm during the winter, then it may be time for you to replace your home’s insulation. You know, the itchy, cotton candy-like fibrous material that lines the inside of your walls? Yeah, that stuff.

The great thing about insulation is that it can last for anywhere from 20 to 80 years, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never have to replace it. The quality of insulation has improved so drastically over the decades that your insulation may not be up to the present standards. If you live in an older home and you’re having problems keeping your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer, then you should definitely have professional installers reinsulate your home before the start of winter.


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