5 Hobbies Worth Looking Into This Fall

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many countries are either on partial or total lockdown. Either way, people are left with no other alternative but to stay home and wait it out. Some restaurants no longer allow eat-ins. More so, parks are closed, and travel is limited. Life, as we know it, is at a stand-still.

Despite all the negatives, there has never been a better time to start a hobby than now. A hobby isn’t only entertaining and fulfilling but also helps to enhance your cognitive skills. Don’t know where to start? Here are five hobbies worth starting this fall.

1. Collecting Gemstones


One way to collect gemstones is to go gem hunting in mines where you can track down a variety of rare precious stones. However, before you start this thrilling and fascinating leisure activity, it’s a good idea to get some background information on gemstones. You can learn more about gems and minerals on the website of renowned New York lawyer Howard Fentserman.

New York City-based attorney, Howard Fentserman, is an avid gemstone hunting enthusiast. The veteran mineral hobbyist shares his vast wealth of experience and knowledge through various articles posted on his website. In addition to sharing his gemstone collection, Fensterman also provides information about their fascinating origins, compositions, geological history, and uses.

On top of that, the website contains additional information on other kinds of geological minerals that aren’t of Howard’s collection. Interestingly, earth topography enthusiasts and earth science students aren’t left out, as Howard avails qualitative educational materials on rocks and geology.

2. Painting


Painting offers you an opportunity to let off steam, be creative, and have fun at the same time. It further allows you to freely express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions on canvas to the scope of your imagination. Luckily, this craft isn’t limited to artists, design gurus, and professional painters alone. With the right training, anybody can pick up a paintbrush and play with secondary and primary colors.

If you want to paint as a hobby and would like some direction, a site that comes to mind is PaintLoose. It has everything you need to get started and caters to every painter’s needs irrespective of age and skill set. Founded by talented and accomplished artist, Amy VanHoy, PaintLoose offers the opportunity to learn and master various painting techniques.

Through Amy’s step by step workshops and video tutorials, you can quickly learn various abstract painting techniques and start creating your very own masterpiece in no time. PaintLoose equally offers a global platform to showcase your DIY art projects. What’s more, you can also purchase art supplies, kits for loose acrylic painting, and ‘I love you’ gifts.

3. Playing an Instrument


Playing a musical instrument is one hobby that makes you smarter. Some studies show that playing a musical instrument reduces stress and enhances physical and emotional well-being. What’s more, learning to play a musical instrument can improve your cognitive ability and processing speed. If you can’t afford a private music teacher, there are many online course options to get you started.

4. Playing Video Games


Contrary to popular belief, video games are somewhat useful to improve cognitive skills. Many people attest to this fact from personal experience. What’s more, video games develop working memory and enhance spatial navigation, motor performance, and strategic planning. Other ways video games can be useful include slowing down the aging process and relieving anxiety.

5. Cooking


Cooking makes for an excellent hobby because it has many benefits. For starters, you get to explore and test the limits of your imagination. What’s more, you can enhance your creativity by playing with flavor and texture. You don’t really need a solid background in cooking to get there, just some passion and a decent palate.

Additionally, it’s a productive way to pass the time, and anyone with patience can master it. Even better, by mastering the art of cooking, you can start making money by writing food blogs, making YouTube videos, or opening a restaurant.


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