3 Creative Uses for Your Storage Unit

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Storage units are great places to store your excess belongings, like seasonal items and things you don’t have space for in your home. But that’s not all these versatile spaces are good for. Storage units also provide the perfect amount of functional square feet for uses other than storing belongings. For instance, running a business from home without having a dedicated office space can be a challenge. Instead of spending so much money on leasing an office space, you could get a great deal on a storage unit and turn it into an office space.

The easy way to find cheap storage units close to your neighborhood is to use a storage unit aggregator website. U.S. Self Storage compares thousands of self-storage units in cities throughout the U.S. to find you a competitive price on the additional space that you need.

Whether you need a storage space that has a climate control thermostat or the first-floor entrance for easy access, you can make an online reservation for the public storage unit of your choice with no deposit, credit card, or long-term commitment. New customers can enjoy additional savings on their first month’s rental fee at the time of reservation.

The rental fee on a storage facility will save you money in the long run while providing the right amount of space to comfortably run a business.

Take a look at three creative ways you can put your storage unit to work, other than safeguarding your extra household items.

1. A functional space away from home


Having a proper office space boosts your productivity when you work from home, and a storage unit is a great option for an off-site home office. You get the peace of mind of having your work materials organized and accessible while saving money on your at-home electric bill. You won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money on rent for office space because self-storage units are much more affordable, but you’ll still have a versatile area that you can fashion to be a fun place to work from. Plus, you might be able to deduct the rental from your taxes.

The extra space offered by a storage unit is also perfect for creating an escape room for busy moms who work hard to take care of their family members. A storage unit can easily be turned into a chic DIY she-shed with all the creature comfort essentials to help you unwind and relax.

2. Use your storage units as a walk-in closet.

A storage unit makes a great walk-in closet if you love the temptation of a good retail sale but don’t have extra space in your closet to expand your wardrobe. You can stage the perfect boutique-style walk-in closet with a dedicated coat rack, dress rack, shoe rack, and mirror. It’s also a great way to display and store extra inventory for an online retail business.

Chico’s Off The Rack has a wide selection of women’s dresses, coats, jewelry, and accessories for a fraction of the price. Their seasonal items add a unique touch to every wardrobe. Sign up for emails to receive an additional discount so you can get the best price on the pieces you need to keep your garment rack full and ready for business. Then head over to your self-storage unit and try on your new finds.

3. Storage units help creatives save.


Storage units offer enough square feet to create a make-shift studio for shooting photography and videos. With the right backdrops, lighting, audio techniques, and a great deal on a self-storage unit you can create the ideal setting for high-quality photo and video content. Finding a creative use for a storage unit is one of several easy ways to save money for up-and-coming artists.

Renting a self-storage unit isn’t the only way to save. Paying attention to your spending habits is the best way to get in control of your finances and end up with extra money in your checking account at the end of the month. Sticking to a monthly budget is the best way to track your monthly expenses, stop adding to your credit card balance, and train yourself not to waste a ton of money on excessive spending.

Prioritize the amount of money you spend on subscriptions like Amazon Prime, Spotify, and Hulu and opt for just one. Take advantage of rewards cards from places like Starbucks to earn free money. Use coupons at the grocery store, switch to generic drugs at the pharmacy, and buy generic toilet paper, paper towels, and pantry items instead of name brand. Whether your financial goal is to pay off credit card debt or you are working towards a savings goal, little changes can add up over the course of a year. For more effective ways to save money and pad your bank account check out Bookmark Sharer.

Before you sign a rental agreement, check with the storage location to make sure your planned activities are permitted by the rental agreement.


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