Tips for Renovating Your Home When You’re on a Budget

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Home renovation can increase a house’s value and give a fresh, new feel to a comfortable place. Transforming the rooms in a home and updating the furniture typically costs a pretty penny. HomeAdvisor estimates that home renovation jobs can cost anywhere between $18,389 and $75,969 depending on the size of the home, the number of renovated rooms, and the type of changes made. These figures may be daunting, but upgrading your home doesn’t have to be a costly project. By following the tips listed below, homeowners can make desired changes to their homes without breaking the bank.

Let your budget guide your purchases

The first step to renovating your home on a budget is knowing how much of your money you can spend on a complete remodel or renovation without risking debt. After coming up with a dollar amount you can dedicate to remodeling, you can begin pricing materials, fixtures, and appliances, and researching contractors to consult for big jobs. Getting quotes for labor and materials enables you to see which areas may use up most of your funds. You can make adjustments by removing items that don’t fit the budget or choosing more inexpensive materials.


A reasonable budget is one that also leaves enough money for unexpected purchases. Renovations can sometimes reveal surprises such as structural damage or electrical work that needs rewiring, so homeowners should save room for such expenses in the budget.

Hire professionals for big jobs

DIY projects are fun and convenient, but seeking professional contractors for big, technical jobs like kitchen remodeling can help homeowners save money.

Knocking down walls or kitchen cabinets, for instance, can be a tall order for homeowners that could expose them to the risks of accidentally damaging plumbing or electrical wiring. Likewise, people can benefit from leaving lighting fixture replacement jobs to professionals who are sure to perform the proper cutting of holes and insulation.

Getting a professional to do your demolition and remodeling doesn’t mean you won’t be in charge of the renovation and have your way. Some businesses like Kitchen Distributors —a Denver kitchen remodeling company—work directly with homeowners to ensure they get the remodeled kitchen of their dreams. Using such expert and creative kitchen remodeling services, homeowners can share their kitchen remodeling project ideas with an award-winning kitchen design and remodeling team to realize them into a functional and beautiful new kitchen.

Make affordable finishing touches

Inexpensive new touches that can make a big difference to your home’s aesthetic include new doorknobs, door handles, and hinges.

Getting new curtains or installing new blinds are money-saving ways to improve the lighting in the house. Making more use of natural light can brighten a newly remodeled home, as well. To enhance the beneficial effects of new lighting fixtures, homeowners should consider giving the rooms fresh coats of paint.

Instead of purchasing new furniture, homeowners could save money by rearranging the furniture they own. Decluttering rooms, reorganizing the space, and creating new shapes can improve the look of familiar, comfortable furniture.

To enhance the look of new or rearranged furniture, homeowners should consider adding texture to the room. Textures can transform a living room and bedroom into a beautiful, sophisticated space. Pillows and rugs that match the furniture, lampshades, curtains and overall theme of the room can improve and complete the living space.

You don’t have to go bankrupt striving for opulence; you have to know the right brands. Knowing brands that specialize in affordable luxury products—like Chesserfeld—enables homeowners to get high-end rugs and products for reasonable prices. Chesserfeld specializes in designing luxurious rugs and home accessories that suit the tastes and finances of all homeowners. In addition to the unbeatable prices, these products, faux fur rugs, are ethical purchases. Homeowners can enjoy soft, fluffy pillows and easily washable cruelty-free faux fur sheepskin rugs or a versatile cowhide rug that will enhance their homes, and not at the expense of their conscience or bank account.


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