The Complete New Homeowner Safety Checklist

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Your home should be the safest place you go to. It’s meant to keep your family secured and sheltered from outside dangers. However, some dangers may still manage to get indoors, or on the premises of your home, and you as a new homeowner may not be fully aware of them.

Here’s a comprehensive safety checklist for the new homeowner.



Your kitchen can present obvious safety hazards for your family, such as knives, live power outlets, hot liquids, and hot surfaces. Some of the most common injuries in kitchens include getting cut, burns, and falling. To prevent these always make sure you turn off your stove or ovens once they’re not in use, mop or dry any wet areas on your floor, and store all knives and sharp objects in their drawers or wood blocks.

Additionally, you may want to verify that all of your appliances are working in top conditions. Coils and vents should be free of dust bunnies, which can cause fires. You should also consider cleaning or replacing your water filters to prevent you and your family from drinking any hazardous pollutants. Check for mold inside your sink base cabinets that could’ve been caused by leaks from your drains or garbage disposal, for example.

Living Room


Your living room can present risks as common as live switch plates or outlets, cracked walls, and dirty chimneys. Moreover, you can have air pollutants floating in your home without noticing as well as hot air. Air ducts help circulate cool air in your Charleston, SC, home. Hiring a technician to clean your HVAC’s air ducts, vents, and filters can help your home stay fresh and your family healthy. They can also clean vents and filters to help promote cleaner indoor air quality.

During the summer months, your AC unit can suffer from being overworked due to the temperatures and bad insulation in your home. You can keep your family refreshed by hiring trained technicians from AC Heating and Air Conditioning Services. They have over 50 years of experience in residential and commercial HVAC services and are always providing innovative and energy-efficient cooling and heating products. AC Heating and Air conditioning Services will help you and your family live in a home that’s free of allergens, debris, mold, dust particles, and viruses.



Moreover, your bedrooms should also be secured, after all, you’ll spend around eight hours a day, in your sleep, completely vulnerable to hazards. You should create an emergency plan so you’re always prepared for natural disasters like tornados, earthquakes, or floods. It’s always a good idea to keep a bag prepared with first aid kits, spare clothes, and canned foods for cases of unfortunate events.



In your bathrooms, you may want to verify if you have any leaks in your pipes, corrosion, and drips. You want to ensure your toilets are flushing and refilling with water as they should, otherwise, it could signal an issue. Furthermore, you will want to verify that your showers are all giving the right temperatures as well as pressure to prevent burns and wet floors.

Basement, Attic, & Garage


Your HVAC system and water tanks may be in your basement or attic, or even garage, so it’s important these areas are at the right temperatures, show no signs of leakage or drafts, are properly insulated, and have no foundation damages. They should also be lighted properly as well as properly ventilated to prevent humidity and mold from settling in.



Lastly, you will want to change your locks for stronger, more efficient deadbolts, and add security lighting or cameras to capture any weird or suspicious activity. You should verify your house exterior contains no damages including your gutters and window screens to prevent bugs from coming into your home.

Surely there are many other things you can do to keep your family safe in your new home, however, these items will help you begin preparing your home for many hazards.


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