Room by Room Renovation Checklist

When investing money into a house renovation, you want the result to be the home you always wanted. You don’t want to go through the time, expenses, and frustration of a whole-house renovation only to be still unhappy with your space. The best approach is to go room by room and list everything you want to be changed. Write down as many details as you can to review with your contractor before the work begins.



The bathroom is probably one of the most important rooms when it comes to a renovation because the bathroom is the room you spend the most time in, and the space you want to be the most comfortable in because its where you change, shower, and get ready for the day or night. When making a renovation checklist for this room, including shower replacement, including replacing the shower pan, the shower stall, or getting a whole new shower. You can replace the shower doors or eliminate the shower doors. You can get a new showerhead or shower faucet.



When it comes to kitchen renovations, the most significant expenses will be the kitchen cabinets and the countertops. You can save money by getting wholesale cabinets in Phoenix. Many wholesale options throughout the country offer household items for renovations at a drastically reduced price from big box stores. In addition to cabinets and countertops, you’ll also need to add appliances, flooring, lighting, and seating to the list. Whether or not you have an eat-in kitchen will also influence the renovation decisions for the space.

Dining Room


Many homes no longer have a formal dining room, as many people have opted for an eat-in kitchen. If your house has a formal dining room, you can keep it or repurpose the space for something you’re more likely to use, such as a playroom for your children or an office. How you renovate the space will depend on how you plan to use it moving forward, so it is essential to consider what space you still need in your home.

Living Room


The living room atmosphere is made up mainly by the furniture and furniture placement. You need to add flooring, wall color, window dressings, and lighting to the renovation list when renovating. If you are moving walls, you may change the size or the layout of the living room. When recreating the space, keep in mind how you want to use the area. Will it be primarily for visiting or mostly for watching television? This will dictate the best layout for the room and use of space.



Like living rooms, the atmosphere of a bedroom is made up of what you put in the room. So on your checklist will be flooring, paint, lighting, and window dressing. An essential part of the bedroom is storage. You may be looking to add storage with a bigger closet or an additional closet. You may need to make the room more significant by moving walls or reusing space already in your home. Storage for clothes, shoes, and accessories is essential for most people. You may also consider having built-in furniture added to the space to get the most out of your space. Smaller homes can be enlarged by conserving the room with built-in storage, shelves, and dressers.

Creating a room-by-room list will be personal as only you can decide how to best use the space you live in. However, use the above suggestions to get you started on each room, so you don’t overlook something that will feel obvious later. Even if you are eager to get the work done, take the time to consider how you want your hose to look and feel when you are done, so your investment is well-used.