Real Estate Investing Tips

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Real estate is a popular investment avenue for amateur investors and professionals alike. Many people choose to invest in real estate because it’s an excellent cash flow source, has high demand, and is less risky than other investment options.

Although real estate is an attractive investment opportunity, it isn’t always easy and straightforward. There’re several dynamics to real estate investing, with several tips worth knowing to make you a more successful investor. Below are some of these specific tips you should know to succeed.

Hire Reliable Contractors


Irrespective of the type of investment property you’re going to pump money into, you’ll need the services of several construction businesses. You can hire a general contractor who can bring on board several skilled and trusted sub-contractors to take care of various tasks during the building processes. You can also hire construction companies that can provide single services like plumbing or multiple services necessary to complete your investment properties.

It’s essential to use reliable contractors for your construction projects because their skills and outputs will ultimately determine the finished project’s quality. Homeowners and investors are always looking for quality construction services to build their properties, so modern construction businesses could benefit by having an online presence through a website. Reputable construction website designers such as Contractor Gorilla have smart solutions available.

Contractor Gorilla specializes in construction website design services for contractors. They build beautiful and functional custom websites that put construction businesses out there. As such, contractors can improve their visibility to clients and become more competitive in the construction industry. This website builder ensures your construction company website has a responsive design that auto-adjusts to fit all screen sizes, from mobile devices to tablets. Also, they’re experts in contractor lead generation and can convert your website visitors into real leads. They can also analyze your contractor website and identify key engagement points and user experience to create great websites that drive higher conversion rates. What’s more, they offer SEO and professional content marketing services to make your website more popular with your target audience.

Diversify Your Investments

Many investors often assume that the best real estate investments are always the ones right in their backyards. Indeed, there’s undeniable merit to knowing and understanding the area in which you’re investing. However, several experts opine that you could be limiting your profitability potential by only considering a limited geographical location. Therefore, consider investments in other cities and states to access a larger investment pool and ultimately better opportunities.

Investing across a broad geographical area also diversifies your investments, protecting your portfolio from the volatility of local markets. Thankfully, there’re several platforms you can access to invest in properties elsewhere and even make other alternative investments. Trustworthy alternative investing platforms such as YieldStreet are good examples of such avenues.

The question “What is YieldStreet?” is often asked by several modern-day investors looking to put their cash to good use. YieldStreet is an online investment platform offering investors access to alternative investments in vessel acquisitions, consumer finance, commercial real estate, and even fine art. CEO Miling Mehere launched its first offering in 2015 in litigation finance, pairing investors with plaintiffs looking to borrow cash to cover expenses before expected lawsuit settlements arrive. Yieldstreet’s platform is available to investors who are accredited. This requires a minimum net worth of $1 million or an annual individual income of $200,000, or $300,000 combined with your spouse.

However, Yieldstreet’s Prism Fund launched recently accommodates non-accredited investors with $5000 minimum investments. What’s more, the Yieldstreet platform’s credibility is substantial since its founders and managing executives are high-profile and recognized entities in alternative finance. The platform has also returned more than $500 million to investors throughout 2019, so it’s undoubtedly safe for alternative investing.

Property Management Services

Acquiring or building properties is only the first step into real estate investment. These properties must be well managed and maintained to keep them in top shape, ensuring that they retain their value for a long time. Property managers can perform essential administrative tasks such as rent collecting and tenant seeking, activities you’ll likely have no time for.

Property managers can also identify maintenance issues and nip them in the bud before they blossom into more significant and costlier problems in the future. Therefore, it’s essential to outsource the management of your real estate assets to great asset managers who can handle them professionally. Reputable property managers such as Venterra Realty can help with these concerns.

John Foresi from Venterra Realty believes that the United States is poised to realize even greater political and economic success despite these uncertain times. John Foresi founded Venterra Realty, a realty management company, together with Andrew Stewart in 2001. Venterra specializes in identifying, acquiring, financing, developing, and managing multi-family apartment communities in the southern United States. Venterra Realty has been recognized as a great place to work by both workers and industry authorities, having a strong focus on both employee experience and customer experience.

Real estate remains an attractive investment avenue worth exploring to put your cash to good use. However, guidance is always helpful for success in this endeavor, and the above-listed points are a few guiding principles to make you a better real estate investor.


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