Quick Fixes for Common HVAC Problems

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Your home’s HVAC system, including the heat pump air conditioner unit, and fluids like refrigerant, is one of the most complex systems in your home. It can be difficult for a homeowner to understand the ins and outs of this complicated network of parts and machinery, but learning how to deal with some of the more common problems can save you a lot of hassle as a homeowner over the long term.


This is especially true for those hoping to prepare for an open house in the coming days or weeks. For homeowners looking to sell their house, a repair to the HVAC system is often a great way to increase interest in your property. Buyers typically will skip open houses that show signs of deterioration on the outdoor unit or heat pump. This can signal other severe trouble within the open house that buyers like to steer clear of.


Strategic home improvement is a great way to increase the value of your real estate listing, and heat pump repairs are often found on that list for homeowners. Solving your heat pump or HVAC system problems before listing your home and scheduling visits for your open house days is a great way to attract many buyers who will hopefully compete over your property rather than pass on it.

Conduct routine maintenance on your heat pump and air conditioning unit.


Your AC unit is typically rated for about a fifteen-year lifespan, but during this time the outdoor unit can be damaged by all manner of weather events or other occurrences that lie outside of your control. Conducting routine maintenance in order to clean the outdoor unit, check the coils and compressor, and make any alterations or repairs to the heat pump is simply a part of homeownership that can’t be avoided.


If your heat pump outside the unit isn’t running you should immediately call a local technician that you trust. In fact, the best way to deal with many of the issues that your system may present to you is to call up your trusted AC repair technician. Building a relationship with a local repair service is a great way to handle much of the trouble you are likely to see. Most of the time, your system will require maintenance on the compressor when you are experiencing a failure, and this component is best left to the pros.


The compressor converts your refrigerant from a gas to liquid in order to provide the remaining system with the fluids to heat or cool your home, so if this part is offline the rest of the HVAC system can’t function. As a result, the best way to catch any problems before they become major issues is to schedule a yearly check-in with your repair service. Keeping up with these checks will help you to stave off any issues that haven’t quite risen to the level of severity that will bring down your system but are on their way to this point.

Clean your ducts.


As a homeowner, one of the jobs you can do is a clear-out of debris from your duct system. Cleaning the ducts that run throughout the attic of your home is a job that must be done once every few years, but it is just as important as your regular heat pump and compressor checks. Keeping your ducts clean is the best way to ensure that the air quality in your home remains at a high standard. This is essential for maintaining a healthy living environment for you and your family.


Homeowners must deal with all manner of problems that may arise in an air conditioning system. Make sure you tackle them head-on and as quickly as possible in order to maintain your comfortable home environment.


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