Office Decor Ideas to Inspire Your Team’s Best Work

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You might not think about your office space often, but if you’re a manager or department head, you may want to consider making a few changes. If you’re looking to motivate your employees and inspire them, think about revamping the office’s decor. Here are a few tips for how to use the office to inspire your team’s best work.

Flexible Layout

There are plenty of different layouts that are common in offices. You might have an open plan with no walls or partitions. You could work out of cubicles, which require employees to enter each others’ spaces to communicate. You could have clusters of desks joined together and have each team sit at a cluster. Maybe your organization works out of a co-working space, which you rent for a fee. There is no wrong layout, but one of these might work better for your office.

The best thing to do is to survey your team and discover which layout or design will best support their work. If your business relies on constant teamwork, you could opt for an open layout. If you need a little privacy so that your staff members can make sales calls without interruption, you might want to install cubicles.

No matter the layout, it’s important to stay flexible and open-minded. You might want to offer several different options for your team members. Maybe you have a cluster of desks that can be put together for conference calls. Perhaps you have a conference room that can be signed out or a set of couches for more casual meetings. Purchase a variety of furniture to suit the flexible layout in your building. Your staff will love the ability to pick and choose what suits them, and they’ll feel more inspired to collaborate.

Bright and Fun Wall Art

People firmly believe that incorporating wall art in the office increases productivity and happiness. With the right artwork in the office, employees will feel inspired to do their work and to make more creative decisions. People typically want to see landscapes in an office space. Not only is art a great way to make your employees feel motivated and content, but it’s also a very cost-effective way to brighten up space.

You can find cheap canvas prints online and frame them for your space. You can also purchase beautiful abstracts from Both prints and abstracts are very popular with office employees, and it won’t cost you much time or effort to put a few up in your place of business. You could even ask your employees to vote on which art they’d like to see on the walls, making it a little more personal and fun. Motivate your team through art and creativity and you’ll find their work improves greatly.

Implement Excellent Lighting

Your office might already have excellent lighting available. If you’re on the third floor of a building and surrounded by windows, your office will get plenty of natural light. Poor lighting has a negative effect on employees’ physical and mental health. When they’re struggling to see their work, they’re straining their eyes and getting headaches.

When they’re not exposed to natural light, they begin to feel depressed and lethargic. The right light can make a huge difference in employee motivation. If you need to, rearrange the office furniture to get as much natural light to your employees as possible. If you can’t create any extra natural light, buy extra lighting. You could purchase a few salt lamps for the room, which can boost your team members’ moods and productivity. Whatever you decide, just make sure your office is well lit.

With a few small changes to your office decor, you can increase motivation, productivity, and happiness. Start making moves today and you’ll see a difference in your team.


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