How To Turn Your Log Cabin Into a Permanent Home

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine efforts and stay-at-home orders that followed have changed how some people go to work and school, socialize, and communicate. In response to the health crisis, many people had to learn how to navigate working from home and learning online. As COVID-19 cases, online learning, and remote working opportunities continue to increase, at-home workers and college students may find it appealing to be able to keep their distance and stay away from crowded areas. The ability to plug into school or work from a secondary residence—like a vacation home, for example—can be beneficial.

A vacation home can encourage effective social distancing measures and be a comfortable place where people gain peace of mind and leave behind any stress stemming from work and school or any anxieties related to the uncertainties associated with the coronavirus. Log homes and mountain properties, for instance, can make for excellent secondary residences and vacation homes, especially during the holidays. Living on mountain property allows people to go skiing and hiking and engage in other physical activities as much as they like. Furthermore, there is an association between living in or near the mountains and leading a healthy and happy life—an advantageous quality that people could benefit from amid the current pandemic.

Not only can a cozy log cabin or other vacation home be the location of getaways, meaningful experiences, and getaways with family members and friends, but it can also be a fitting place to serve as a permanent home. The following tips can help vacation homeowners take up permanent residence in their secondary property.

Choose a cabin in an ideal location for everyday living.

People who want to live full-time in a log cabin should be sure to purchase property in a location that they can see themselves living in and enjoying long-term, that suits their everyday lifestyle and routines. If you find small-town living appealing, for instance, and you enjoy canoeing, hiking, skiing, dining, and shopping, consider purchasing a property from an excellent selection of log cabins for sale in NC. With the best real estate company, you can find comfortable cabins in North Carolina with unique interior designs, cozy stone fireplaces, and windows that give cabin owners an excellent view of the aesthetically pleasing mountain scenery.

Take care of repairs your cabin may need.

When household fixtures and major appliances like the refrigerator, dishwashers, heating, air conditioning systems, washing machines, and dryers don’t receive the attention, maintenance, and cleaning they require as often as they should, they can start malfunctioning and eventually break down altogether.


Furthermore, machines that go a long time without receiving a deep cleaning can be detrimental to homeowners’, residents’, and guests’ health. Old or uncleaned heaters and air conditioners that have dirt, dust, and debris stuck in them, for example, can lead to breathing problems caused by fungi or bacteria growing inside them.

Your household appliances’ life expectancy can vary depending on the kind of machines they are and the brand that manufactures them. Furthermore, an appliance’s life expectancy can be different from its actual lifespan. Having an awareness of how long home appliances should last can help homeowners do their best to maintain them. Consider keeping a maintenance checklist to track the last time your amenities and appliances received services, repairs, or upgrades. Such a list can help you make future maintenance plans sooner rather than later before any additional problems with your machines occur.

Hire pros to help make your log cabin into a permanent residence.

Once you identify the repairs your log cabin may need, determine if you can handle the tasks yourself or hire professionals to complete the jobs. In some cases, do-it-yourself projects may suffice, but it’s best to leave most jobs to the experts to utilize their years of experience and benefit from their quality work. For instance, improving the exterior of your North Carolina log cabin may be a priority for you before moving in permanently. Repairing the roof, replacing dated, rotted logs, having your porch leveled, power washing the deck, cleaning the windows, and upgrading outdoor fixtures can be tall orders for homeowners to complete themselves. Consulting Greensboro NC window cleaning professionals, for example, enables you to get your windows cleaned by professional window cleaners who can use their skills and expertise to enhance your glass’s health with exclusive no-streak cleaning formula. Professional cleaners at a superior window cleaning service may also provide pressure washing and gutter cleaning services.

Finding the best professionals to complete repairs for your property can be a time-consuming task, which disadvantages you if you need emergency repairs. Consider researching the professional services you can turn to in advance for a repair job well done. Identifying the best professionals ahead of time and finding out the prices they charge for their services ahead of needing repairs allows you to save the money you’ll need for the job and put it to the side until the right time.

Take care of any finishing touches.

An essential part of making your log cabin a permanent home is transforming what used to be guest rooms into bedrooms for you and any others living with you. Have fun upgrading and personalizing these rooms with the furniture, color schemes, and decorations of your choice. If you love plants or floor plants indoor decorating can be a fun project, as houseplants can be excellent design touches in a log cabin. Another benefit of plants is that they can be safe and suitable for all homeowners and properties if they’re non-toxic and have air purification properties.

Greenery can be versatile, so homeowners can brighten the rooms in their log cabins by adding plants and arranging them in visually pleasant ways according to how much sunlight they need. Indoor plants can vary in their need for bright light, medium light, low light, indirect sunlight, or direct sunlight. Whether you put your plants in the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or living room, your indoor plants can thrive if you give them the water, nutrients, and light they need. You can have fun arranging your houseplants, wall art, and other decorations to create a comfortable space in your log cabin.


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