How to Prepare Your Roof for Hail Season

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The unique climate and geography of Colorado’s Front Range make cities in the area (Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, to name a few) prone to catastrophic hailstorms. Colorado hailstorms are destructive and the damage they cause to property can prove costly to fix. As hail season looms close, make sure that your property is well prepared to counter the effects of severe hail damage. Keep reading for some tips on how to prepare for the dangerous season and ensure you have peace of mind.

1. Inspect your roof for preexisting damage.


Scheduling a professional roof inspection is an excellent way to prepare your roof for hail season. A proper roof inspection takes into account the presence of old or missing shingles, dents in roof shingles, leaks, broken tiles, and preexisting hail damage to the roof. After the inspection, your roofing company may recommend that you have your roof cleaned and repaired to avoid more storm damage.

A roof inspection is also beneficial if your roof is aging. Having your roof inspected before the beginning of the hail season can help you determine whether you need a new roof or if you can repair part of it and avoid total roof replacement. Roof replacement can be costly, but a new roof is far better placed to withstand the impact of a heavy hailstorm and will offer you better protection.

Additionally, clean your gutters often. This is important because when hail piles onto dirt already in the gutter it can get heavy. This extra weight may further damage your gutters and, when overlooked, incur future property damages as well.

2. Hire a professional roofer.


A roofing contractor is a roof construction expert trained to at handle roofing projects in residential and commercial construction. Roofing professionals are responsible for selecting the best type of roofing material for a roofing project, as well as making sure that all repairs are appropriate and maintain the structural integrity of the building.

While your roof may be in perfect condition at the moment, there’s no telling when a Fort Collins storm will change this. In the unfortunate event that a storm strikes and you need urgent repairs, the scramble to find a roofing contractor may force you to settle for subpar service. To avoid all this, enlist the services of a reputable commercial roofing company like Metro City Roofing way in advance.

Metro City Roofing is a Denver roofing company with years of experience in attending to roofing issues in the greater Denver area. Their roofing services include commercial roof replacement, residential roof replacement, roof repairs and any arising roof problems you may have. These longtime Denver roofers will also settle all your insurance claims due to hail damage or wind damage on your behalf with your insurance company and ensure that you receive fair compensation.

3. Understand your homeowner’s insurance policy.


Make the time to review the contents of your homeowner’s insurance policy and make sure that you understand what it does and does not cover. According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association (RMIIA), hailstorms have caused over five billion dollars in damages to insured properties in the Colorado area in the past 10 years alone. Because of this, most insurance companies in the hail prone Denver area account for property damage caused by hail within the parameters of their comprehensive auto insurance plans.

Additionally, a significant amount of your homeowner’s insurance premium should be accounting for potential hail and wind damage costs. Consult your insurance company to get a better understanding of your policy and the policy options available to you.

Although Colorado hailstorms are short-lived, the damage they cause on roofs and other property can set you back a couple of thousands of dollars in repairs. To counter all this, invest in a reliable full-service commercial roofing contractor like Metro City Roofing, and have them do all the heavy storm preparation for you.


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