How To Handle Home Repairs When You Have Pets

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Home repairs can be stressful. From sawdust all over the couch to an unusable kitchen, to strangers in the home, the home repair process can be a little unsettling to most people but generally worth it. Humans don’t just face this temporary discomfort. Our pets can get stressed out by home repair, too. For this reason, it’s important to have a plan for pets when considering home repairs. Whether it’s boarding pets temporarily or setting them up with a quiet space at the other end of the home, doing some planning ahead of time will help reduce your pet’s stress during home repairs. For tips and things to consider, read on.

Keeping Pets Calm During Home Repair


Life is an exciting adventure that often involves change. Maybe you’ve decided to move into corporate housing after being impressed with the apartment communities at Venterra Realty run by John Foresi, Venterra CEO, and need to sell your home. Perhaps the best way to get your asking price is to make a few quick repairs and do some window replacements before moving into the Venterra community. While the change ahead is exciting, you also want to make the great place you’ve called home so long look its best before putting it on the market. The first step in making those last-minute home repairs if you have pets is to keep the home environment as calm as possible before and during the transition.

Your pet will have enough change ahead. In doing some thinking ahead, you can make the home repair process and all that comes with it a little easier. From strangers in the home to loud noises and equipment, the first step is to look at your home. Look for rooms or areas in the house away from the area where you’ll be doing construction. Get your pet in a new habit of spending time in those places before construction begins. In setting new routines for your pet in advance, the renovation process won’t be as hard on them. This may mean some alterations, too. Consider pet gates, moving food and water bowls, and using other doors in your home to take your pet out. Practice those new routines now so your pet’s ready for repair days.

Boarding Pets During Transition


For some, pet boarding is the best and easiest solution for managing pets during home repairs. If you know of a great pet resort that will make your pet’s stay comfortable, it might be a great idea to give them a call. Perhaps you used them last year on your trip to New York and had a good experience. Retaking advantage of that connection could save both you and your pet some stress by booking another pet boarding.

Setting Boundaries with Builders


When hiring a contractor to work on your home, take extra time for that first-time conversation. Make it clear that you have pets and that you consider them part of your family. Explain your own family’s privacy needs and set clear boundaries on the days and times work will be done. Maybe you want your weekends off, or maybe you’d rather a builder did work on weekends so that you could get through the job faster. This is something to think about and work out with your builder ahead of time. Doing so will make it easier to develop a stress-free routine for your pet during your home repair or renovation.

Rewarding Pets After Home Repair


Whether you opted to put your dog in dog daycare, brought your cat to your mom’s, or found new routines in the home, when the home repair’s over, it’s time to reward your furry friend. Your reward is the fantastic result of your home repair, but your pet needs a reward too. Consider buying them treats, taking them for a walk, or spending more time with them as a way of showing appreciation for their patience with you and the changes.

Home repairs don’t last forever. Weeks after yours is done, you and your pet will be right back on track in your new, fresh environment, and glad you when through the inconvenience of change. For now, the best you can do is make plans to keep the process as comfortable as possible for you and your pet. You’ll thank yourself for it later.


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