How a Whole-Home Ventilator Benefits Your House

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Old houses of the past were drafty, inefficient, and had inconsistent indoor temperatures. Modern energy-efficient homes, however, have features that are specially designed to reduce energy usage and control the impact of outdoor air on indoor temperatures.

One thing that drafty homes had, though, was a lot of ventilation. Air flowing in and out of the home eliminated stagnation and diluted contaminants. The energy-saving features of modern homes today do a great job controlling temperature, but they often prevent air from escaping the home. Whole-house ventilation systems can offer solutions that improve indoor air quality throughout all living spaces.

A whole-home ventilator can provide an effective way to improve comfort in the entire house without compromising energy usage. Whole-house ventilators could help reduce energy costs as they can reduce temperatures inside and require the air conditioner to operate less frequently. Ventilation systems for the entire home are available in various models to fit any home.

A whole-house solution will allow you to pull in the fresh air while also filtering out allergens and other airborne pollutants. The stale air is then exhausted to improve air quality and make breathing easier. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of whole-house ventilators.

Reduced Energy Use


In many homes, the spring and summer months are when windows are opened to let fresh air circulate throughout the house. Depending on the climate, windows could stay open for a large part of the year. Unfortunately, open windows can increase energy usage.

Whole-home ventilation can consume less energy than opening a window and can be especially efficient if you have an energy recovery ventilator (ERV). An ERV replaces stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air like other ventilators. The difference, however, is that an ERV takes the thermal energy from the exhausted air and pre-conditions the incoming air with it. This will result in your HVAC system using less energy to heat or cool the incoming air.

Consistent Comfort


Many ventilation options are designed to impact a single area or room in your home. Systems like bathroom exhaust fans or window units are highly effective but are limited in their scope. Your bathroom exhaust fan, for example, removes odor and humidity only from your bathroom. These systems don’t have any impact on the rest of your home.

A whole-home system can provide a consistent level of comfort throughout every space in the house. In warm humid climates, many systems can even pre-filter incoming air and reduce the humidity. As a result, it’ll increase indoor air quality and could make breathing easier.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Features of energy-efficient homes such as thermal seals can do wonders for heating and cooling costs year-round. As discussed though, energy-saving insulation can negatively impact indoor air quality by trapping in old air. Just as your quality insulation keeps outside air out, it also does a good job at keeping indoor air in.

Studies show that indoor air could contain more pollutants than outdoor air. A whole-house ventilator could help expel indoor air pollutants that would be otherwise trapped inside. At the same time, outdoor pollutants could be filtered from incoming air. If your home is relying on open windows for fresh air, you are bringing in excess humidity and pollutants that can impact indoor air quality.

If you’re interested in improving your home’s indoor air quality and lowering your energy costs, you might consider a whole-home ventilation system. A ventilation solution can work with your existing HVAC unit to create a balanced system that promotes comfort and good air quality. A whole-house ventilation system can lead to better air quality, consistently comfortable temperatures, and reduced energy bills.


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