Getting Your Home Ready for Summer: Where To Start

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There’s a lot that goes into welcoming the summer, especially for your home. Having endured the colder months, the summer is a great time to purge every inch of your home. In this article, we give some tips on how to get your home ready for the new season.

Declutter your home.


The cold and harsh months of winter cause our homes to collect and store huge piles of dirt, which can cause some serious health issues over time. For this reason, a good decluttering session is a great way to prep your home for summer. It offers insight into what’s in your home, so you’ll understand what needs to go and what needs touching up.

Also, try to wash all your winter clothes and sort them into piles for storage or donations. Once sorted, you’ll then understand if you need to buy new clothes for summer. Some summer essentials include petite ankle jeans, high-rise skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans, floral blouses, and anything made of lighter material. When shopping online, note that there might be some great sale items or clothes with additional discounts at checkout.

Clean out your gutters.

The best time to clean out your gutters is in the spring before the summer season begins. This part of your home is bound to have a lot of debris and water from the winter; thus, you could hire a professional to help you with the process. If you choose to do it yourself, be sure to use a sturdy ladder planted firmly on solid ground. Use a plastic trowel or a metal scoop, and be sure to keep protective gear on.

In addition to your gutters, you want to clean out your pool to ensure that you can have safe fun during the warmer days. During the winter, it’s advised to use pool covers to keep your pool safe from any debris that comes with snow. This swimming pool cover is made of special mesh, and it can be oval or rectangular to match the shape of your pool. The cleaning process becomes easier with safety pool covers and demands less time.

Paint the exterior of your home.

Warm and dry days are some of the best days to paint anything. If you want your home to look bright and warm during the summer season, painting should be on your to-do list. In addition to warm and dry days, you need to paint at a time when your nights are more temperate, cooler, and drier. This ensures that your paint job dries as quickly and effectively as possible. The best time in summer that meets all these requirements are the very early days, where winter is trickling into the background. The weather then isn’t too wet or too hot, and your surfaces are fully dry enough to accommodate new paint.

Deep clean your BBQ.


Why wait until summer starts before firing up your grill? You can do that even before the summer as a form of maintenance. To thoroughly enjoy your juicy burgers, perfectly grilled steaks, and crisp veggies, you should give your grill a thorough clean-up after the colder months. Start by heating the grill for about 10 minutes at the highest heat level. Disconnect the grill and cool down before removing and washing all the burners, grates, and drip tray. The heating process makes it easier to wash away or scrape any gunk that might have formed in the winter. Once you’re done and everything is nice and clean, you’re more than ready to have your next barbecue party!

All in all, there’s probably no one readier for summer than you; yes, you! Saying goodbye to the cold and hello to warmer weather means lighter clothing, lots of brightness and warm hugs, and endless barbecue dates. The thought alone is more than enough to get you all fuzzy inside.


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