Everything You’ll Need for Your Move to Florida

Need for Your Move to Florida

Besides being the Sunshine State, Florida is also home to endless miles of scenic beaches. For these reasons alone, it’s easy to see why the state attracts new residents year-round. Whether you’re planning a big business move, or you just want a temporary change of pace, here’s what you need for a hassle-free move to the Sunshine State.

1. Make a relocation checklist.


There’s a lot to do when relocating, and the most efficient way to stay on track is by creating a relocation checklist. For your list to be efficient, start by breaking down your checklist into weekly sections. Marking important dates on your calendar is also a great way to ensure that you’re on track for when the utilities will be shut off and when you should start looking for a moving company.

2. Hire a professional moving company.


Considering how stressful moving can be, picking the wrong movers can make the experience much worse. To ensure you have the easiest move, first figure out what type of movers you’ll need. Before you start vetting a new mover, consider your type of move. For instance, will moving to Florida be a cross-country or local move for you? In this way, you’ll be able to tell if you’ll need local movers or movers who work long-distance routes.

Next, consider the moving company’s credentials. To ensure that you’re working with a professional moving company, make sure that they’re a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business. While a quick Google search may seem like a great way to find moving companies in Maryland, organize your search, so you can compare different Maryland movers. A blank spreadsheet can help you stay organized.

As you plan your move from Maryland, for instance, you’ll want to work with the best Maryland local moving company. For this, we recommend the team at 495 Movers. Their years of experience in facilitating both local and long-distance moves means that they have the experience, skill, and resources you need for a hassle-free move. Additionally, as a full-service moving company, they also offer services such as short-term storage solutions, free quotes, and full-service packing services—to mention a few.

3. Schedule all house repairs beforehand.


Renovations and home repairs are an unavoidable part of moving into a new home. There are some repairs that require more attention than others (clogged rain gutters, leaky plumbing, broken door locks), and these repairs should be taken care of before you move in. Where possible, schedule these repairs ahead of time, so you’re not worrying about them during the moving process.

Preparing for extreme weather (hot sun, heavy rain) is also important in your first few months of living in Florida. Knowing this, if you’re moving during the summer, when there’s a high chance of rain, make sure that your new home is weatherproofed. Also, make sure your homeowner’s insurance will cover you against rain and wind damage.

To begin with, check your rain gutters for leaks, cracks, blockage, and damaged downspouts. When your gutter system is left unserviced during the rainy season, the overflowing water can cause expensive water damage to your home’s roof, basement, and siding. For high-quality rain gutter installation in Florida, the rain gutter specialists at Above All Leveling guarantee a great job on your rain gutter system.

4. Notify your in-person service providers of your move day.


As a courtesy to your in-person service providers, (housekeepers, landscapers, pool maintenance companies) let them know that you will be moving soon. Not only is this a courtesy to them, but your wallet will thank you as well. You don’t want to accidentally pay for (non-refundable) services after you’ve moved out, do you? Lastly, and most importantly, don’t forget to set a realistic budget, and stick to it.


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