Benefits of Creating a Calm Oasis in Your Home

Calm Oasis in Your Home

Your home should offer you a sense of safety and security—with a roof over your head, you have one of the pillars of survival taken care of. But it’s equally as important that your home serves as a sanctuary. Even if you don’t work from home, receiving emails, phone calls, and Slack notifications during your time off is practically inevitable. This lack of separation—and, by extension, relaxation—leads all too often to burnout and its unappealing consequences. By creating an oasis of calm in your home, whether that’s a cozy corner, a particular room, or the majority of your house, you give yourself the chance to strengthen the boundaries between yourself and your home and your work and other stressors. Beyond an improved work-life balance, though, this sacred space comes with many benefits, particularly for both your mind and your body.

Good for Your Mind


Taking time to rest and relax is an integral part of maintaining your mental health and wellbeing. Even the most Type-A workaholic needs a break, lest they suffer the effects of burnout. When you enter your distinct peaceful space, your brain knows that it’s time to be unproductive, just like going to the office or another set workspace helps improve focus.

Consider embracing meditation or more general principles of mindfulness in your personal oasis, giving yourself the chance to clear your mind and hit the metaphorical reset button. It can be as simple as lying in bed and letting your mind wander! If you’re struggling to calm racing thoughts, it may help to consult a psychiatrist, therapist, or other mental health professional. Conditions like anxiety disorder, ADHD, bipolar disorder, PTSD, panic disorder, and other mental illnesses can cause this and other behaviors that are less than beneficial when it comes to enjoying your space. Seek out a local psychologist focused on your particular needs, such as an anxiety psychiatrist in NYC, for individual therapy, such as CBT, or group therapy sessions that can help you be better able to relax at home.

Good for Your Body


Over your lifetime, you’ve been reminded of the importance of eating right, exercising often, sleeping enough, and drinking water. But how often were you told to make more time for self-care? Diet, exercise, sleep, and hydration is critical factors in taking care of your body. But, left untreated, stress can easily detract from that progress, causing physical symptoms like headache, chronic pain, muscle tension, fatigue, or stomach problems. Even if you have to literally schedule downtime in your calendar, take the time to relax—your body will thank you.

As you crafting your calming oasis, it might help to consider any physical effects stress has already had on your body. If you struggle with muscle tension, for example, a LuxBath from Kohler Showers might be the perfect addition to a peaceful sanctuary. Add some Epsom salt or essential oils to the water and let the warmth relax your tired muscles. Over time, you can experiment with other additions, like bath bombs or bubbles, to always have new ways to relax at hand.

Relaxation plays an important role in the health of both your body and your mind. Whether the psychiatric treatment for an anxiety disorder or other mental illness gives you the chance to clear your mind in your home’s coziest corner or a warm bath gives your body a break from carrying the weight of the world, creating the perfect at-home oasis will allow you to reduce the effects of stress and minimize your risk of burnout, allowing your mind and body to let out a sigh of relief.


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