5 Tips for Storing Clothing in a Storage Unit

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If you are in between houses, moving soon and want to get a move on, or just have some extra things that you’d like to store safely, it’s likely that you’ve thought about getting a storage unit to stash your belongings. Self-storage can also be a great option to store seasonal clothing, like summer dresses or fall jackets. If you’re looking to clear up your space and take some of your belongings to a storage unit for safekeeping, here are five tips for storing your clothing well and safely.

1. Do a thorough clean of your clothing.

Before you head to the self-storage facility, make sure you thoroughly wash and clean the clothing you’re storing. Go all out, too, and if some clothing like flare dresses and skirts need to be dry cleaned, dry clean them. Additionally, cleaning your clothes will keep them safe from bugs wriggling into the sleeves or any potential stains darkening while in storage. You’ll also be happy to unlock your unit at the end of the season and see plenty of well-cared-for clothing to take back home.


2. Keep your items organized within the storage unit.

Another great tip for taking your clothing into a storage facility is to make sure that you organize your items within the storage unit. This means keeping clothing of like types all together before you lock up. Keep your petite dresses, maxi dresses, and skirts in one space while you keep your sweaters, coats, and jackets together in another spot. This type of organization will make your life much easier if you head back to the storage unit for a specific type of clothing. Plus, when you hide away your fashionable clothes and accessories for a season, it can feel like purchasing a cart full of new arrivals when you take them home. When you have a wardrobe full of stylish pieces from retailers like White House Black Market, you will want to keep them in good shape for as long as possible. It would also behoove you to get the right type of organizational boxes, tubs, and bins. Some of the best organizers for clothing are actually cleaned out, lined suitcases. You could also use lined plastic tubs to keep moisture out.

3. Choose the right storage facility that offers all the amenities you need.

Before you move your belongings into the unit, make sure you choose the right storage facility for you and your needs. Have peace of mind that you’re choosing a clean facility with all the amenities your items require. US Storage Units, a Chicago self storage service, allows you to compare different storage units based on amenities, rent, and location. Looking through your options and researching each facility will help you choose the right place for you to store everything you need to store. The facility you choose must have excellent customer service and an elevator if it is indoors on multiple levels.


4. Do not hang any of your clothes.

Try your best not to hang any of your clothes on hangers. Not only will this take up more valuable room inside your storage unit, but you may also be inadvertently damaging some of your clothing. Sweaters especially can be permanently dented from hangers after a long time. Keep all your clothing safe by folding them and placing them in storage containers or suitcases within the self-storage unit.


5. Keep your clothing in a cool, dry, and dark place.

Many clothing tags say that you should store your clothing in a cool, dry, dark place. When you move your belongings to a storage unit, that is the time that you should be taking those tags most seriously. Make sure you place your clothes in an area that is not exposed to heat or sunlight. Additionally, ensure that your self-storage facility controls moisture and provides a clean facility with dry units so you can avoid mildew.



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