5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to the Lone Star State

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Home to diverse cities, exploding energy boomtowns, flourishing job growth, natural beauty, and friendly people, Texas is attracting people by the thousands each year from all around the country. In fact, a large percentage of newcomers are coming from high tax states like New York and California.  The draw is the ability to have more land, pay fewer taxes and live a more luxurious life afforded by a lower cost of living.

These factors are allowing folks to build their dream homes in ways they might not have imagined with amenities like custom home theatres and expansive property, making the home the center of entertainment and enjoyment across the state. For instance, Lutron dealers Austin Texas and other areas are growing in popularity for helping to enhance homes with state of the art smart solutions for a whole new level of home living experience.

But, don’t think for one minute, outdoor space is any less important to Texans who take as much pride in the outdoor aesthetics of their homes and businesses as they do with the interiors. Landscape maintenance is a vital and pleasurable aspect of living in the Lone Star state with lawn care in New Braunfels, TX, and other charming towns in and around the Austin area being a regular part of Texas life as it is more affordable to own land.

Offering great quality of life as well as burgeoning economic opportunities the Lone Star state is well worth considering as a place to live.

1. Favorable Cost of Living

One of the lures of Texas is the fact that the cost of living is lower than the national average. It is one of only seven states that have no personal income tax. The positive implications are more disposable income to enjoy life, whether it’s purchasing a larger home with more property, indulging in a more luxurious car or simply creating the security of a larger nest egg. Paying fewer taxes will free up funds for a better quality of life.

Take, for instance, Austin, one of the most happening cities in Texas with a huge foodie and live music scene, where the cost of living is roughly 56.9% less than New York City.   Using the same comparison, food and grocery cost works out to about 20.6% less and utilities compare at 51.9% less in Austin.

2. Strong Business Environment & Job Creation

The Lone Star state has enjoyed quite a boom in professional, business, education and health services in recent years, resulting in a lower unemployment rate than the national average. According to Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Chairman Andres Alcantar, “Texas ended 2017 with record-level job creation numbers during the fourth quarter, with 10 of 11 industries expanding over the year and an annual gain of 306,900 jobs.”

Texas also happens to be tax-friendly to big industries with no corporate tax which many believe is the reason for tremendous job growth in recent years, particularly in oil and gas, tech and manufacturing.

3. Weather Variations Throughout the State

Ponder the idea that the Lone Star state is comprised of more than 360 miles of coastline and landscapes made up of beaches, mountains, deserts, ranchland, and acres of forests. Weather varies greatly from region to region from the arid conditions found in west Texas to the marine climate of the Gulf Coast with temperatures varying around the state.

Summers are mostly hot with seasonal temperatures in the mid-90s and winter temps rise to about the mid-60s. Tornadoes are quite common in Texas, as are hurricanes in the Gulf Coast region.

4. Home is King 

With the abundance of land and fewer regulations, owning a home is a more friendly process than in other states.  Economically speaking, the median home price ratio to median annual household income in a city like Houston is only 2.9, compared with San Francisco, which is greater at 6.7.  Therefore things like outdoor aesthetics and smart home solutions are more affordable for creating the home of one’s dream.

5. Barbecue Rules

Barbecue is truly a big deal in Texas. In fact, it’s a way of life! So, as a resident, you will never have to search far for all kinds of hot-smoked meat prepared low and slow.


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