5 Home Upgrades You Can Make This Month

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As the colder months approach, lower temperatures will leave you spending more time indoors. The colder weather frequently comes with an “itch” to tidy your space, and even make home upgrades, to keep your home fresh and prepared for the winter. Here are five unique and affordable home upgrades you can make this month.

Treat Yourself to an Upgraded Audio and Video System

With innovative smart home technology, controlling every aspect of your home—from audio and video to security and lighting—is easier than ever before. Distributed audio and video, also known as whole-house audio-video, allows homeowners to distribute audio or video throughout their home from a single source point.

With the help of Apex Audio Video in Austin, you can play your favorite CDs, DVDs, and TV shows in any room of the house that has speakers (audio) or TV (video). Audio and video can be controlled by remote control, or even using a single app on your phone, so you can access your favorites whenever you feel like it.

Invest in Calming Lighting

As winter approaches, the days begin to grow shorter. Fewer hours of sunlight often contribute to seasonal depression, negatively influence your sleep schedule, and disrupt your daily routine. To fight daylight savings fatigue, upgrade your home lighting. Lighting is a great functional addition to any room—along with brightness, lighting adds warmth to your space and can make you feel cozier.

To make your money count, determine which rooms lighting is the most necessary. For instance, if you spend the most time in your living room, invest in some lamps that compliment your current décor. On the other hand, if your bathroom suffers from a lack of natural light in the winter, focus on installing an overhead light.

Make Your Shower Eco-Friendly

Did you know that the average homeowner can save over $150 annually by turning off unnecessary water? Simple home upgrades, like installing a low-flow showerhead, can reduce your energy bill while benefiting the environment. Low-flow showerheads use less than 2.5 gallons of water per minute, while traditional showerheads use approximately five gallons of water every minute.

Find Charming Storage Solutions

Storage is inherently useful and can provide a space to store holiday décorations and winter coats when spring nears. Like lighting, it’s an upgrade that can make a huge difference in the everyday functionality of your home. 

Storage solutions like pull-out trash bins and built-in cabinet organizers are often affordable and can help you make the most out of your space. In addition to adding storage, make sure to go through your current storage situation to keep things organized.

Add Personality With An Accent Wall

While painting the whole house can be expensive and time-consuming, painting an accent wall in your bedroom or living room can give your space a fresh look in a single afternoon. Pick a bold, contrasting color, and don’t fret over it too much—you can always paint over the wall with a new color if you decide you don’t like it. 

The entire project, including painter’s tape, a paintbrush, and a quarter gallon of paint and primer, will cost you less than $50. Make sure to choose the right wall for your accent—rooms without architectural features are ideal for accent walls, while an accent wall full of windows may feel overwhelming. An accent wall is a great way to add flair to your favorite space and make your home feel unique.

If you’re searching for the perfect property to renovate, hard money lenders in Texas can help you secure the necessary funding. Hard money lenders like Bay Mountain Capital work together with borrowers to ensure a successful transaction. Whether you’re looking to upgrade a single-family or multi-unit residential property, securing a real estate loan is fast and easy. Ultimately, these simple and affordable home upgrades can make any space feel fresh and save you from going stir-crazy this season.


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