3 Ideas for Your Next Big Move

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Moving can be an adventurous, yet stressful, time in a family’s life. Whether you’re simply moving to the next town or across the country, trying to ensure everything is packed away correctly, that you’ve spoken with companies about moving your services, and that you’ve said goodbye to all your neighbors is enough to leave us doubting every move we make. It’s during these times of self-doubt those little things we’ve forgotten to take into consideration pop up and leave us wishing we’d planned better.

Often, when taking on a big move, we stick with normal plans we’ve seen implemented most of our lives. If our parents did things a certain way, it should work for us, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. To make a big move, and do it right, you need to think outside the box, literally. Below, we’ll look at three ideas you can use when taking on your next big move to help make the process easier on yourself and the entire family.

1. Research local repair companies before you move.


When moving to a new house, we automatically assume everything will be in perfect working order when we get there. That doesn’t always happen. Appliances go on the fritz. Whether it’s your oven, refrigerator, or dishwasher, spending your first few nights in a new home without the ability to use your necessities can be a nightmare. For example, if you’re in need of appliance repair in Boise, having the contact information ready can help your family regain a sense of normality in their new space.

It’s not only items around the house that cause issues during the moving process. Your personal belongings, such as your television, may decide to show their need for attention during this stressful time as well. When your stereo, home theater, or favorite flat-screen television decides they aren’t liking your new home, calls for TV repairs Dublin, or whatever area you’ve moved to, must be made. Making the right choice in these scenarios not only shows impressive pre-planning but smart money-saving tricks as well.

2. Connecting with local events is a great way to learn about your new area.


Social media is a big part of everyone’s lives nowadays. Whether you use these platforms to connect with old friends from your high school days or keep up with what distant relatives are doing, connections can easily be made from the comfort of your smartphone. Using social media, such as Facebook, to learn about local events in the area you’ve chosen for your big move is a great way of making new friends and introducing yourself to the neighborhood.

Local groups use social media to announce events. Whether you’re interested in projects with the local schools or simply want to become part of the neighborhood watch, social media groups can be used to your advantage prior to your big move. Your new neighbors may even have suggestions on great places and events to help you meet more people once you arrive.

3. Lawn services should be booked quickly.


Yes, there’s a lot involved with taking on a big move, but no one wants to have the house on the block with the bad lawn. If you aren’t a fan of lawn irrigation, planting grass seed, and designing flower beds, you may be better off leaving these types of things to a pro. This will ensure a great-looking lawn your new neighbors will be envious of.

Checking the BBB site or the social media groups mentioned above is the smartest way to choose your next lawn care company. Reviews from local customers can give you an idea of the yard work each company offers and the quality of the services they provide. Having a professional lawn care team booked and ready for when you arrive is a great way to start off on the right foot in your new home.

If a big move is on your agenda, taking these three ideas into consideration before you start the moving process can make life easier for all members of your family. Moving doesn’t need to be the stressful situation it’s made out to be. With a little thought and planning, moving can be a fun, exciting experience for the entire family.


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